This is EasyPark

Our values

Our values and associated behaviors guide us daily in our customer interactions and with each other.  We believe living our values is essential to delivering outstanding customer value and long-term sustainable growth.



We are parking pros

We’re passionate about parking. It’s all we do, think about and work with. Today, we’re available in 1500 cities across 20 markets, specializing in providing smart parking services to citizens, business, operators and cities. Our goal is to make parking easier for you, your business and your citizens, so that there’s more time for you to experience what the city has to offer.




More than an app


Our award-wining app has been helping drivers save time and money since 2001. But what we do doesn’t stop there. What we actually do is help build smarter, more liveable cities – one parking spot at a time.

With the use of technology, we break barriers, helping improve the urban experience. Our aim is to create a scenario where parking supply and driver demand are balanced not due to additional parking spots and fewer cars, but thanks to predictive technology that connects people to available spots.
In short, we make urban life easier.



We see the bigger picture

We have a vision of a city where all parking activities flow smoothly and seamlessly with the help of digitalization. We call this kind of parking ecosystem Parking Excellence. In this scenario, drivers can quickly find the best parking spaces near their destination, cities achieve improved curbside traffic capacity and flow, and operators enjoy increased occupancy thanks to nearby on-street traffic being redirected by parking apps.