The parkingtech company, EasyPark Group, has recently completed a new mapping of parking prices in European countries. The comparison shows that Slovakia is the cheapest country to park in, with an average price of 1,1 euros per hour. Portugal comes in a close second at 1,2 euros per hour. The comparison also includes the most expensive country being the Netherlands, with an average price of 4,1 euros. Norway is the second most expensive country with an average of 4 euros per hour.

The comparison shows that the average parking price in Europe is 2,1 euros which is close to last year’s result, 2 euros. Looking closer at last year’s comparison, Portugal remains among the cheapest countries. And 2023 years’ most expensive countries, the Netherlands and Norway retain their positions in the more expensive end of the list. Norway accounts for the largest increase in pricing, from 2,8 euros in 2023 to 4 euros in 2024.

When comparing gas prices, the Nordic countries, Norway and Denmark together with Netherlands are the most expensive ones. Slovenia is the cheapest country in terms of gas price, with a cost of 1,5 euro per liter.


Country Average parking cost/hour Gas price (1 liter)
Slovakia €1,1 €1,6
Portugal €1,2 €1,8
Italy €1,5 €1,9
Spain €1,5 €1,6
Czech Republic €1,6 €1,6
Austria €1,6 €1,6
Slovenia €1,7 €1,5
Belgium €1,8 €1,7
Sweden €1,9 €1,6
Finland €2,0 €1,8
France €2,1 €1,9
Germany €2,6 €1,8
Denmark €3,4 €2,1
Norway €4,0 €1,9
Netherlands €4,1 €2,1