In a new comparison review from EasyPark Group, the average price for parking has been analyzed in different European countries. The comparison shows that Portugal is the cheapest country to park in, where an hour on average costs 0,75 euros. The most expensive country to park in is the Netherlands, where an hour of parking is approximately 3,5 euros.

Italy is the second cheapest place to park among the compared countries with an average cost of 1,5 euro per hour. Followed by Sweden and Spain where the corresponding price is 1,52 euros. On the other end of the list, the Netherlands is followed by Germany, Norway and Denmark as the more expensive countries. The total average of all the mapped countries is 2,1 which is very close to the average of Finland, 2 euros.

The Nordic countries, Norway and Denmark, are also in top in terms of gas prices where a liter costs just above 2 euros. While Austria and Spain are among the cheaper, where the cost per liter is 1,59 respectively 1,63 euros. 


Country Average parking cost/hour Gas price (1 liter)
Portugal €0,75 1,72€
Italy €1,50 1,85€
Sweden €1,52 1,76€
Spain €1,52 1,63€
Austria €1,86 1,59€
France €1,92 1,88€
Finland €2,00 1,91€
Denmark €2,60 2,01€
Norway €2,78 2,05€
Germany €3,40 1,76€
Netherlands €3,48 1,81€

About the comparison
The mapping has been based on data from EasyPark Group and its parking apps EasyPark, PARK NOW, ParkMobile, RingGo and Park-line. The data for gas prices has been retrieved from