The new feature seamlessly integrates EasyPark’s app into Volvo’s Android Automotive environment in the car models XC40 recharge, C40, and the 2022 models of XC60, S90, V90 (including 90 Cross Country). The innovation gives the driver several new features and possibilities that further improves the driving experience.

– The innovative solutions that we create together with Volvo are the future of the digital parking experience. By integrating the EasyPark app into the cars’ infotainment systems we get a new range of possibilities, and a natural part of that is of course making parking easier, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

Through the collaboration, it is now possible to pay for parking without a parking meter or a smartphone. The only thing needed is a Volvo car running on Android Automotive. One of the new features is “Autostop”, a function that automatically ends the parking session when the car leaves a parking spot, making sure the driver never overpays.

– Many of us have experienced this scenario at some point: it’s a hectic day, you get in your car and leave, and a few hours later you realise you forgot to end your parking session. With EasyPark’s features, we remove the risk of overpaying for parking, while also making sure drivers can conveniently park their car without having to use a parking meter or a smartphone, says Jonas Engström, Head of Strategy and Business Ownership at Volvo Cars.

Additionally, the built-in app opens up further innovations and the Autostop feature can be seen as the first step towards a fully automatic parking experience.

– EasyPark offers several digital tools aimed to help the driver, such as the ability to find a street with high parking availability and automatic parking sessions in garages based on camera technology. When the app is integrated into the car itself, the vision of a car that is able to start and end the parking session by itself seems closer than ever, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

The EasyPark app is now available for download from the Google Play Store in all Volvo vehicles running on Android Automotive.