The parking tech company EasyPark provides leading solutions for both drivers, cities and parking operators. The app enables drivers to find streets with high parking availability, pay for electric vehicle charging as well as paying for parking sessions.

For cities, parking operators and property owners, EasyPark is now launching a brand new tool that will enable a data driven approach to parking management and planning. The tool is built around a unique technology that helps parking providers understand their inventory in detail, as well as predict the demand for parking down to specific times for individual streets. The tool can thus be used for optimization of traffic flow and decision making in multiple areas. Pricing, enforcement, planning of new parking locations and restrictions are some examples, as well as planning for alternative transport options such as public transportation. The new service is called ”Parking Data as a Service”.

– A digitalized parking ecosystem adds an infinite number of possibilities, both for improving each driver’s individual parking experience and for city planning. At EasyPark we want to make cities more liveable, and the Parking Data as a Service offer will give cities new capabilities, enabling a data driven approach to urban planning, says Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group.

Using a combination of advanced technology and methods, information is combined with EasyPark’s predictive software which provides unique insights into the parking behaviour of the area. Through the EasyPark app, drivers also get suggestions on parking availability and can save valuable time when searching for parking spots. It can also play an important role in making the city more sustainable and liveable, with less unnecessary circulation of cars and less emissions and congestion.

– We believe the potential in city planning and parking management is huge. The opportunity to directly improve the parking availability has great benefits for drivers, since it makes it easier to find an empty parking space. With a shorter search time, fewer cars will have to circle looking for spaces which makes this a great example of technology supporting greener cities. When space is used better, everybody wins, says Johan Birgersson.

Parking Data as a Service was launched during the spring 2021 and is already being used by several cities in Europe. Plans are to continue expanding it throughout EasyPark’s markets in Europe and the world.