In a new survey conducted by Kantar on behalf of EasyPark Group, employees in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the UK have answered questions about behaviours regarding parking and expense reporting. The survey shows that 62 percent claim parking expenses. Danes are the best with 68 percent doing it, compared to 57 percent in the UK. 24 percent of all respondents also believe that the employer should pay for parking fines.

Every other person is spending two hours or less on monthly expense reporting. However, in Denmark and Sweden, 13 percent are spending half a workday or more, while the equivalent number for the UK is seven percent and as low as two percent in Finland. On average, parking fees account for 15 percent of all time spent reporting expenses. 

- As mobility and parking is a big part of everyday life, it's interesting to see how things related to mobility affect our work life. The results show that a lot of time is spent on reporting parking fees, which probably could be used better. The simple fact that at least one-third of employees manually scans their receipts when claiming expenses tells a lot about the potential we have to ease this process. It gives valuable insights on how to develop our B2B offer to help businesses cut costs, says Christopher Carlander, Chief Corporate Commercial Officer at EasyPark Group.

38 percent of employees claim all their parking expenses. Almost every tenth person spends an average of 48 hours per year on expense reporting, which is more than a whole workweek. According to the survey, expense reporting can be both an easy and annoying task, as 22 percent say they feel frustration while doing it, while 21 percent believe it is satisfying. 23 percent in Sweden and 20 percent in Denmark relate expense reporting to a feeling of fatigue, the equivalent number for Finland and the UK is only 6 respectively 12 percent.