At EasyPark Group, we emphasized three core pillars; tech, insight and mobility. Our aim was to illustrate how we help our partners in optimizing urban space utilization. Throughout the week, partners and customers expressed keen interest in obtaining deeper insights to their cities and parking facilities to optimize and streamline parking and improve experiences for the users in the cities. Our part in this was exemplified through demonstrations of our cutting-edge solutions, including automatic camera parking, designed to simplify parking for drivers while alleviating congestion around off-street parking facilities. Furthermore we showcased our electric vehicle charging service, which seamlessly connects users with a variety of charging operators, all through our award-winning app. 

Alongside the great achievements of this year's Intertraffic event, there are still a lot of interesting topics to be unraveled, but meanwhile we can help ease the off-street parking through automatic camera parking, strengthen the EVC-infrastructure to make charging more accessible and turn parking behavior to actionable insights.

We want to take the opportunity to thank our customers, partners and the EasyPark team who worked at the fair last week in Amsterdam, and of course everyone who visited us and engaged in enriching discussions to make cities more livable. Special thanks to the Intertraffic organizers for having us, we hope to see you at the next event.


/Morten Hother Sørensen, Chief Distribution Officer EasyPark Group